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I wanted to reach out to see if I can pay someone for a discord meeting to discuss on how I should start if I want to build a secure business site. I'm new to the topic but I'm a fan of technology myself and wanted to learn. The closest thing I can think of I did when it comes to writing code is setting up a jtag and just editing patches for Mw2 and other cods in that era while in high school. I can't go into detail about the business plan but I have Ideas of what I want the website to look like and purpose.

Please inquire below with your discord and we can talk. I'm only available to talk on weekends btw. I will refer back to this form this weekend and future to check for your post.

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Been developing my whole life, If I don't have the answer 1 of my good friends will that have been doing it for a long time as well.

Discord: PM me for discord username.
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I have had very little success and a lot of failures. I'm pesimistic so take this for what its worth.

From my experience, if you don't have a business plan or you don't want to share your ideas, then you won't get far. At best you might make some pocket change, but only if you are lucky.

Here are some common ideas that will not work unless you are willing to spend tons of money up front. This is not because the ideas are bad, but the markets are over saturated.

* Anything for gamers
* Any type of social media or forum
* Dropshipping
* YouTube Channels
* Websites related to any of the previous ideas.
* Cryptocurrency
* Tutorial websites.
* Blogs
* Hacking/modding for service.

I'm not a business expert, but DM me if you want more pointers.
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