GeneralWhat's your biggest screw up in the kitchen?Posted:

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What's your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

I'd say my first time making rice a roni lol.
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A few years ago was my first time searing steak in the house...i usually use a grill but wanted to switch it up for once and it was a disaster.
Unfortunately nobody told me that it would smoke up the house due to it being on a cast iron pan and well lets just say... everyone was freaking out.. smoke alarms blaring.. it was a interesting experience.
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First time making pancakes i burned them all smoke alarm wouldnt shut up haha
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First time I made pancakes they were so dry and burnt.
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Trying to cook for my girlfriend for the first time lmao... we ended up getting carry out lol
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No shit almost set a pan on fire making noodles. Dont even ask how lmao
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Forgot I was warming up a soup and we'll, it burned... pretty badly
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Cooking my steak for too long...... The Struggles
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I will admit that rice-a-roni is kinda hard to get right haha.

I just smoked St. Louis Style ribs on my Traeger for 5 hours and they came out terrible. I have cooked 20+ racks of baby backs on it since I got it earlier this year and they have all came out perfect. The first time I switched to the St. Louis Style, it was just terrible. I have no idea what I did wrong and had to throw away the entire rack. The flavor was there and all but came out way to tough and horrible texture.
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almost lost my whole thumb in grade 10 culinary class cutting potatoes lol
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