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Pc specs:
PSU : TSFX Bronze 80 plus 450W
CPU: Intel i7 4770k 3.5ghz
Graphics card : AMD Radeon Red devil TX580 8GB
Mobo: MSI H97 G43
RAM: 4x 4GB HyperX Fury
Storage: 120GB SSD & 500GB HDD
Monitor: BenQ Zowie 22inch 144hz LED

Bought a cheap mid tower case to transfer all my parts into as was working with a mini tower case and was fed up of terrible cable management. Also snagged a cheap i7 4770k just to get some better performance for the new cod coming out (ran perfectly fine on my i5 4460 ironically). Anyway just finished spraying all my parts with cotact cleaner and got the cable management sorted but noticed since my case came with rgb fans i now have a rgb led switch female connector. Looks the exact same as the connectors that are named "HDD LED", "POWER SW", "RESET SW", "POWER LED +", "POWER LED -" and now the one i have extra is "LED/RGB SW". The connectors are ones that go to the JFP1 system panel header on my mobo and as far as i have read through the manual for my mobo there is no specified black and white place to put this connector. So does this mean leaving it unplugged means that the fans will not have the leds on at all or if they would be on but this switch would be inoperable. The fans are connected to the molex connectors of my psu, they also have 3 pin connectors for the headers on the mobo but dont have enough headers to plug them all in. I did actually get a splitter to plug into one header on my mobo to then have them all plugged in but manual says the molex connectors work fine but without fan control but for my pc they wont need speed control as my temps were fine before and having 3 more case fans cant make this worse really. Such a minor issue this but love me some led lighting haha, will match the rgb lights behind my monitor. So yeah any help or clarification on if there is somewhere on my mobo this connector can go or not for the switch would be spot on. Cheers!
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