Ultimate Teamcan somebody help me build a 700k team for WL.Posted:

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im not the best player, im div 2. and thats where im based, i get to div 1 and relegated but div 3 i never go down to.

i rely on pace, ngl im one of them players that needs pace, i play very fast pace, i cant / dont do skills...

i have 700k i need a proper solid team, UNIT of a defence with a solid cdms and up top pace, but ive used alot of players already, i dont really want players like traore because i dislike him

fussy arent i haha

in game i need to switch to 4231 so if you build me a team i hope ive gave info info on how to build it an a idea on what to use..

ive used so many players already im out of idea, any tactics suggestions? stay back while attacking doesnt work for me and stay foward i still find my strikers or wingers lurking back its odd...

i want a unit defence that stay there with a cdm who will grafttttt and my top to be fast asss fuuuuuu** with sick dribbling

if anybody helps, id appreciate it as im out of ideas!

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Not sure what system your on so I guessed Xbox and made a really pacey prem side.


Switch to 4231 in game with martial being center cam and Partey with gini behind him. As for tactics, there's a bunch on YouTube but you really have to figure out what works for you because my tactics may only work for me and no one else. Hope this helps, if your a different system let me know.
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Try this mertens as the CAM - futbin.com/21/squad/1414598
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