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I personally don't really like it compared to mw

the games feels a bit clunky to me

and is it true that they only had 1 year to make it?

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I like it but god damn idk if its SBMM, I'm just shite or the aussies were just really sweaty at 3am when it came out, but I was getting absolutely destroyed when it first game out.

And i'm not quite sure, if they did it's a hell of a good job for only a year, really just hoping zombies is good
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Game is absolute shite I've uninstalled it already
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The movement mechanics let it down I think. Laying down/standing up into a shot takes forever.

Spawn points are wack (or should I say, non existent).

I'm looking forward to playing search and destroy etc on actual release. The game modes they gave us are brutal sweatfests.
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Trash don't care if its just the beta!
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Hm I want to see how zombies feel, but the multiplayer is already better than MW imo...
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Honestly, I'm not sure. I liked the movement mechanics better than MW's. I like the game style however, the gun fights are absolutely bullshit. Hopefully after it's all sorted in 2021 (most likely when the next cod is coming out lmao) maps are not the best I do like 2 of them though. Moscow & Miami.. but again, the maps are clustered with shit..

P.s ive sent you a message on discord.
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I haven't played it but I'll laxer the lobby once good hacks comes out lol
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Me and my buddy have been playing it and it's quite fun actually. Im enjoying this one more than MW anyways. Spawns are abit meh. The snipers are fun. Prefer using the 703 over the LW3 but maybe that's because I havent unlocked it. Overall not bad I guess
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I don't like the game, I have hated cod for a while now and I will probably never get back into it. I wish I still liked cod it used to be my favourite game and my go to game but times have changed it's gotten worse and worse over the years.
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