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Let me know if you agree, I have had enough with this game lol
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The reason for the insane amount of playshots/paint beasts because at the start of 2k21 pro dribbles were locked behind 85 ball handling which if you wanted a shooting/dribbling type of build that had access to them you automatically made a playshot.

As for paint beasts if you wanted a pure red pie type build that had access to contact dunks you pretty much came out with a 6'9 paint beast. And since everyone was afraid of the new shot meter when the game released everyone made that build and just clogged the paint for the first 2 weeks.

As for the slashing argument, i can't really say but if this really is a copy/paste of 2k20 pure blue (interior finisher/force) should absolutely body those guys who just play hands up. Especially if they max out the midrange and get a HoF dimer pass, they'll be super dominant. Comp? no but in a park situation very irritating to deal with. I ran interior force all last year and pure reds couldn't do much against me once my takeover reached the half point. All they could do is jump and hope i didn't pump fake them.

If they really wanted to nerf playglass builds they could've easily locked pro/elite dribbles to guards. There was no reason to lock basic dribbles behind 85 ball handling for the first 2 weeks then go back on your word and decrease it by 5 messing up nearly every guard on 2k up.

Long story short, if they leave and make the same mistakes as they did on this 2k, expect low sales even with the new-gen hop. I'm gonna stay on 2k20 until next gen drops and enjoy my takeover booster and dribbling as a 6'8 center rather than playing a screen and board bot.
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