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Is Cod4 dead on xboxone ?

Haven't played it in awhile and was thinking of hopping on it for the first time in forever
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The backwards compatible features seem to have been really terrible recently and often dont let you find games.

WaW doesnt let me go on it at all now and mw2 can take 5/10 minutes to even get into a private match.

Might still be working on cod4 but may encounter some server issues
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Yes 15 min for Cod 4

I let go of the case and I'm playing waw
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I'm afraid all of the old backwards compatible cods are dead, R.I.P
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For me i was playing like 1 hour ago and its work great
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All of the original cods seem dead on my end. And most of the lobbies I found were modded or had someone with infections in them lol. I found a good amount of people on there that were into glitching/bounces, etc. That's about it
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