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I have been trading stocks somewhat seriously for a few months now using CashApp and I was just wondering if anyone else on here was into that as well with any type of broker. I currently have about $3000 into one stock and have been averaging anywhere from 40-70 dollars profit a day with the current stock im invested in.

i want to pull out when i think they will stop making so much money, luckily, i invested a few hundred and have gotten quite lucky, and at the moment i think for a few more days minimum it will continue to do pretty good as this weekend i made 200 to my suprise just by that one stock so i took all my smaller investments, pulled out and dumped it into that one just because of the luck.

being unemployed from getting hurt at work and not being deemed able to work has me more interested in this and diversifying my portfolio possibly going through a few more brokerage apps. that way i can reach new achievements and learn more with this. i have a few buddies who it alk about stocks with and i do my research aas well.

itd be nice to find a few people or even just ONE on here who has similar mindset and has some experience to maybe help guide me as i am gaining a lot of knowledge DAILY and would like to keep doing so with some similar people!
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There's a bunch of people who do stocks on here. I think the biggest stock head I know on here is r00t. I do some stocks but not as much as him and he also knows a lot more than I do. Also, I am not familiar with the cash app system with it.
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I will give you some advice and it works for me as your mindset is along the lines of this.

If you want to invest $2000 into a stock split it into 4x $500 stocks. You can then cash one maybe two of those stocks out if you see green and are happy with that however you also have one or two still in their that you may want to play a bit more risky with,

This is what i tend to do depending on the stock.
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I used to invest only once - I invested 2 000$ and lost all of them Then I stopped for good
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the long run stocks are of course less risk/ less reward but having good mix of both is always good for diversifying. in my opinion companies that supply some product (engines for example) to be used to complete the final thing are somehow safer. hedge funds and minerals etc. is another good way of diversification.
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I got into trading options this year (February) when I found out about Robinhood. Lost 60% in a month, invested ~$7000. Every time I would invest in SPY I would always lose money. I Made it back and even profit over the course of 6 months. Until SoftBank made everything crash with their big play. Currently down in the gutter. I like investing in long term call options for big tech companies like $APPL, $MSFT, $FB, $NVDA. I would get expirations that went in December or November depending on the price. The one thing I learned is not to gamble a big portion of the portion into a weekly trade, especially when the stock market is doing a rug pull. Lesson learned... I like trading options over stocks because you can profit a lot more but you can always lose a lot more too. I balanced it by getting longer expirations.
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I have some money invested in PlugPower if you wanne check them out. Bought them at 3$ a pop and now they are at 15$ with like a year
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Buy Tesla puts.
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