Ultimate Teamcan somebody help me build a 650k team?Posted:

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when the game came out, my first 5 qualifaction games i won 5/5

i was once 10-1-0

now its all caught up im like 19-8-5 or something and i lose my head quickly ive gone through 6 teams since it came out but im sick of the same players and stuff

can anybody help build me a sickkkk team

ideally want the top to be rapid and good dribbling

i MUST be able to switch to 4231 in game, so i need like my front 3 to be rapid and good passing you know the score, and my striker i want quickish

and also tactics its very clear i need some tactics to, all that stay back stuff just isnt enough

if i keep getting bugged and using same players ill end up packing my coins i lose my temper quck its peak

if possible try to avoid using

Joe gomez

ive used this players over n over already man im sick off them, i know there not crap,its me... but i need / want to find some form and a team i can really grind with and enjoy, try use the whole 650k

if i do pick a team and enjoy it ill give the person 25k, i mean its not alot, but its 25k just for suggesting a team so yeah

thanks guys
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Very simple but both wingers tall and strong and dybala is the best player on the game for value for coins,

Think it's simple where everyone plays in 4231
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