General#28 am i old yet?Posted:

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Happy birthday to me #28 ..

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Happy Birthday man hope you have a good one!
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My mans Jose I know we don't talk all to much but you're still goated keep knocking out the milestones hope you're here for the long run!

Gz and happy birthday buddy.
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Happy birthday Jose! I'll look forward to another year of hanging with you in the SB.

Congrats on #28 let's play RL soon
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ye getting old ya dosser,

Happy Birthday Jose!
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Happy Birthday G, hope you have a good one man!
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Yep ur old Geezer now m8. Happy birthday Bud
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Happy Birthday bro, I'll be there soon.
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Farrrrr from old im 24 and i feel old hahaha
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Not even 23 yet and my back hurts everyday lol happy birthday buddy
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