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Hey guys,

im after some advice but first abit of back story

So ive been an IT Engineer for a large 400+ Employee world wide business for around 2 years
But our team is small with only 4 people so i do alot of 3rd line stuff like networking & security and all other things

I got the job with no experience or qualifications, i was talking to the manager for months and said how passionate i was about IT and listed the job description and gave examples of how ive used it for example:

FTP Experience: i have used filezilla for a minecraft server i ran

So now the question....

Im studying my A+ so i can then go onto my Network+ & Security+ to progress in this company

As ive been in IT for 2 years is the A+ worth it? as an A+ will only get me a helpdesk job which is what ive got or shell i just move onto networking to save time and then maybe look at AWS or Linux+ or CCNA with the extra time and money saved?

Any advice is apricated
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