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So I've currently been promoted to a new job role "UX/UI Designer" as my first task i was asked to create a mock-up design for "Circle Pay" what you see below is currently in progress, The design is created using "Adobe XD" so currently the design is animated (Buttons,Page Transitions) and much more, but unfortunately i cannot showcase that in the mock-up.

I am currently using the design Specifically for IOS Devices using the Dimensions/Preview Prototype for IOS as i am able to review real time changes on my IPhone.

Any feedback would be great, all though please bare in mind i am new to UX/UI design and this wil be updated over the progress of the design.
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The layout is on point and precise!
I just really do not like the color scheme or the font.
But I can see where you are going to take this and can not wait to see the finished product!
good work!
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The design looks good for layout, the glow effect seems "too much", Try reducing it a little or make it pulsing (animated).
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