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What time you wake up?

How many hours a day you work?

What you do in evenings?
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I would wake up at 6:30am Monday/Friday and on the weekend's 8am, I would work 10/11 hours a day. And once I get home in the evenings I would just chill and play with the kids before putting them to bed.... Then I'd just chill out with the wife and watch movies and smoke my brains out LoL
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That explains the ttg name lol
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It was working. Now that i got injured at work all i do is play on my pc and make videos or stream lol and hangout on here sometimes
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4:15 wake up
6:00 start work
2:00 leave work
3:15 shower
3:30-10:00 spend time in the shoutbox with the rest of the idiots
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Eat sleep rave repeat
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Depends on the day but on weekdays;

Wake up at 5:45
Work 7-4:30
Sometimes go to my girlfriends house for the night
Or stay home and play xbox and watch shit on youtube/hulu
Sleep at like 12:30
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Wake up around 7:45am and take my meds
Pick up my niece from her babysitter for about 8:30am
Drive her to pre school for 8:45am ish
Go back home do school work until about 11am
Go pick my niece up and drop her off at the babysitter
Come back home
Do whatever until about 5:30pm
Then do whatever until 9pm
Take meds
Then fall asleep whenever I'm tired
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Pretty much working. Work, work and more work.
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My sleep schedule is so wack, you could find me sleeping at 5am or 5pm. If I sleep normally:

8-9:00am wake up and breakfast
10:00am-3:00pm college classes
4:00-7:00pm video games, homework, eating
8:00pm work out
9:00pm more homework and random stuff till I pass out

Once school starts, the homework for that takes up most of my time. I am a TA as well, so grading papers and stuff takes forever O_o
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