MilestoneSo the Shoutbox strikes again. Jay 11,000 reputation!Posted:

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Thanks to r00ty with that hot ass b00ty.
No way, Jose
And last but not least, Doug. Um... Yeah Doug :|

Hopefully the admins hear my cry and lock me at barcode rep to match the rank (11,111 for the simpletons on here) Hopefully see you guys at another milestone in the near future <3

If not, see you in the Shoutbox.

The Following 16 Users Say Thank You to Jay For This Useful Post:

Goodfellas (10-08-2020), Spencer (10-05-2020), CtrlAltDelete (10-05-2020), C4 (10-05-2020), Sean (10-05-2020), M4 (10-05-2020), Nathan (10-05-2020), Ow3n (10-05-2020), Dixun (10-05-2020), Tom (09-30-2020), Tasty (09-29-2020), Federation (09-29-2020), G6 (09-29-2020), Doug (09-29-2020), Jose (09-29-2020), r00t (09-29-2020)
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11,111 freeze and make wishes ! Congrats bro long come deserve it well!
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Congrats Jay
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Congrats man!
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Congrats Jay! You deserve it. I'm really hoping they actually do lock your rep! I sent you some more to get you a bit closer
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Congratulations man!
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Well done.
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Congrats on yor 11k rep milestone Jay
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congratulations man pretty mental haha
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