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Now being a Seahawks fan this may be a rant.. or for the people who actually watch football it's the honest truth.

Why does the media praise Mahomes so much? I mean he is a damn good QB but if you take a look at bleacher report on twitter for last nights game it is just constant praising. When Russ has a good game what does he get?

To me it's just clear favoritism. Russ will go down as one of the best QB's in NFL history but he's not gonna have a single MVP trophy to show for it. Like I said I am definitely biased but it's crazy how high Mahomes is held when Russ has literally been doing this. It's nothing new. This year especially he is proving his point. If he can carry this on throughout the season then there is absolutely no reason he shouldn't be MVP.

Thoughts? If you're a Chiefs fan, look at bleacher report from mondays game vs the Ravens before you post, please.
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Now I'm a Packers fan, and I would have to agree with you. I just took a look at the NFL section of Bleacher Report. If you just look at it objectively, there is clearly a disproportional number of Mahomes stories. I wonder what it is that makes him more of the "favorite."
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