RantI Feel Like Im Not Liked Here.. But Why..? Posted:

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Hey guys..

I just wanted to make a little post real quick - I feel like im not liked on here for some unknown reason. I am not the most active but usally post at least a couple times a day. Im active in the community and have never left any comments or made any posts that were able to be deemed as rude or anything controversal to anybody or topic wise.

I have made more then a few posts that got no responses which I know is common these days in the community )sad tbh) but even ones where im asking for feedback and the thing that really has me down and literally makes me feel like genuinely sad is how ive been looking for friends.

Here and in servers and other forums i have been trying to tell the community in posts ive made i have expressed the desire to make a single or even maybe somehow multiple friends. To talk to or game with, or stream with or whatevr. As i sit on my computer a lot as i cant work because of a work related injury and woudl like to not be alone constantly and give quite a few details about any possible ways people could relate or at least have something to like me for or whatever if that makes sense. And i dont even get a reply let alone build any sort of relationship

Maybe im just a sad werido who will foprever be a loser but with no IRL or online friends, I just feel genuinely depressed. I feel disliked here and everywhere online i travel and have nobody to talk to and the same goes IRL.

Sorry for the sadboy sad life rant. Just dont know where else to psot this.

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Online environments will always be like this.
Try to not really post looking for friends but look for posts that you could relate to.

For example I play tons of FPS games. So i would go check out some threads on CSGO or Call of Duty to try to link up with others.
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If I can be completely honest, with absolutely no offense intended, The Tech Game might not be the greatest place to try and find friends. Most of the time, the activity on-site is heavily dependant on the Call of Duty section of the Forums; obviously due to Modern Warfare (2019).

There are other sections for casual topics that don't revolve around gaming but as you can see, those aren't very active all the time. It has nothing to do with the site itself, because I think that it's a very well made and well kept Forums site.

People not replying to your threads shouldn't make you feel unliked in any way. Most of the time, the people replying to threads that don't involve gaming (Off-Topic Discussion, Music, etc) are just boosting their post count.

Don't get discouraged. There's some great people on the site. Maybe go to the Shoutbox (if you can handle pretty active banter) and see what happens. All up to you.
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Sounds to me like you're needing to be liked.

You can't come here and make a topic with information that a grown man would put in his dating-site bio, and think you're going to get a door-full of friend requests. Here -- it takes socializing, getting to know one another through the Shoutbox or forum / event-related topics, and giving back to the community. If you make a post and it doesn't get a reply, it doesn't always mean it was useless or garbage.... well, maybe sometimes. (not you in particular)

I saw some of the topics you made too, don't feel so down about yourself as most of them have a few replies. Sorry to hear about the IRL stuff though. if it'll cheer you up, 75% of TTG members are loners too.
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Ttg is shit m8
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Joey wroteTtg is shit m8
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Heres my reply.
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as mentioned before i would not expect to find friends on a place like this, im just glad to get along with everyone in my short time here
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Don't sweat dude, I'm a lonely virgin.
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Try joining the shoutbox or hopping in the TTG discord server.
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