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Hey y'all. I've been on and off this site a lot and decided to come back strong since I will start streaming soon. I'm Cobatine A.K.A. Kid Kenny (im a musical artist <3) and my main occupations are making music and playing a ton of videogames I hope I can make some decent online friends; not really a social person in real life so I guess the internet is my escape :p Ima try to help the community with suggestions or just personal help in the forums I hope to be interacting with many soon enough, but for now, have a nice day

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Hey welcome back, Cobatine! Thanks for saying all this! It's pretty cool to hear a little bit about you. I'm excited to see you around! Most of us love music, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that as well Hope you have a great day too:)
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Hey welcome back to TTG bro hope you stick around this time
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Welcome Back
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Welcome back to TTG community Cobatine
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Welcome back come by shoutbox for some craziessssss
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Welcome back man!
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welcome back man
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