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So I just smoked a blunt and was messing around on my computer and remembering old websites I used to go to and I remembered TTG. Typed it in and remembered my account info somehow. It's been a long time. How's it going?

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ayeeee same here men blowing smoke lol welcome back to TTG
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Another 7 year member! Hey man welcome back
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bro the same thing happend lol i tryed a old password and worked i was like wtf lol
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Welcome back I thinks that's how a lot of old members found their way back
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Come back often dont leave use for this long again...Thanks
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Same thing just happened to me, it feels weird seeing the new layout but I like it a lot regardless. Welcome back man!
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aye welcome back
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This is actually hilarious.. welcome back! Not sure if you'll remember this post tho!
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Welcome back brother
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