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Hey guys, just curious if you drink/like beer. If so what's your favorite? I'm from the United States and if I'm drinking a lot I prefer Miller Lite, but if I'm drinking casually I prefer IPA's. What about you?

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Stella Artois is my favourite beer. Not sure you have it in the states
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corona, modelo, presidente(dominican republic beer) or angry orchard
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Yeah, love beer Stella Artois, Angry Orchard and Miller LItes, the shitz.
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Busch Lite if I'm drinking beer. I mainly stick to Captain 7's tho.
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Tooheys Extra Dry
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Modelo negra, tecate, and busch or Coors banquet usually bounce between them
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I'd have to agree with the Miller's.. but no ipa's for me.
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I like Budweiser, Presidente, Corona, Modelo (with mexican food especially!), Stellas. That's what I like to drink when I do drink beer!

But I don't drink a lot of beer I'm more of a stronger alcohol kinda guy, but drinking beer is chill to do sometimes with friends.
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Nope I dont like beer at all dont really like any alcohol I would like to experience getting drunk but it is what it is lol just dont like the taste
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