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I already have a twitch Chanel stream back a while ago just doing gaming stuff. Suffering with bad mental health myself would it be a good idea to change my channel around still play games but mainly focusing it on mental health and try get a community together. I'm unsure if there is but even imagine a section for mental health which people can go to on twitch. It might already of been done but maybe I could give it a shot.
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Streaming isn't about a certain topic, it's about you as an individual. I'm bipolar with mixed personality disorder, diagnosed. Personally, I watch streams because I enjoy gaming and enjoy watching others play games. Your mental health is your private life, I get where you're coming from I really do and ultimately it's up to you; however I wouldn't necessarily call it something I look for, or anyone else I know. Focus on being you, keep your private life private. Unless you don't mind prying eyes. Just be engaging and entertaining, it's the best approach.
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