Introductionim back AGAIN. HahaPosted:

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sup guys im back again. Havent been active the last few months had some shit i was going through.

Ex misses cheated on me so its been eventfull can tell you that l haha.

Glad to see most people are still about!!

Missed all my TTG homies

- Aaron

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Welcome back to the site my guy
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Sorry to hear you've had some of that stuff going on:(

Glad to have you back though looking forward to seeing you around
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Welcome back to the site dude! Hope to see you around
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Know the feeling brother. Welcome back!
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Welcome back man stick around this time
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Welcome Back
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Welcome back bro ! Glad to see you back
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Welcome back buddy

Was wondering why I hadn't seen you online for a while

Keep your head up high and go forward
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Welcome back man!
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