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Have you ever rode the bus before ?

I have.

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I try to avoid it. Nothing like a good walk.
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I did when i was in college also for work i took 3 buses for college and work
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Only until I could drive myself
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only if i really need to, avoid it as best as possible
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Thank you for asking!

Yes, I have in fact ridden many busses throughout the years I have spent on this planet. Growing up I have been the delighted passenger on many school busses. My favorite being the 2009 Thomas hdx 80 passenger school bus. There is nothing quite like those semi comfortable seats, hard to roll down windows, and the loud hum of the engine.

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nah buses are for poor people
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hate taking the bus
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You know it's bad when I think about the Ride the Bus drinking game instead of a real bus lmao.
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