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ill have to go with the gamecube with mario party, mario kart and super smash bros melee .. what about you ?

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But really the real kids were doing this
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PS2, Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts 2
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Ps2 all day long.
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Man thats a hard choice xbox had starsky and hutch, jet set radio future, Grabbed by the ghoulies, THUG, Soul caliber

but ps2 had Twisted metal, mortal kombat deception, 007 agent under fire, ape escape and those demo disks you'd get from pizza hut when we had no money
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Thats too tough of a choice..

If i had one choice.

Id pick ALL of the above. Going to go with choice D on this one.
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I would say the Gameboy Advance and Pokemon Ruby and Leaf Green. I still have flashbacks to being a little kid, and playing this at the daycare I went to with this one other dude I was friends with lmao.

EDIT: Wait, I realized I chose one not in the picture. If it absolutely has to be one in the picture, then I'd say the GameCube. Like you, I've played so much Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros:)
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For me it would be the PS2! I had so many memories with games on PS2 like Max Payne, GTA 3, Battlefront 2 (2005), True Crime NYC, and The Matrix games. Till this day I own all PS2 GTAs!
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Ps2 definitely. So many hours of good memories
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Ps2 for Tony Hawk games
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