You Should just stay gone!
42.86% (6 votes)
Welcome. oh mighty one
57.14% (8 votes)

Total Votes: 14

IntroductionOh Hi im back from the deadPosted:

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7 Years and im back babyyyyyyyy

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Federation (09-21-2020), Doug (09-20-2020)
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Welcome back man
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CtrlAltDelete wroteWelcome back man

Thanks man! glad to be back!
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Welcome back!
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Good to have you back , stay active this is a great site
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Welcome back to the site, hope to see you around frequently.
The people voting for you to stay gone are 100% messing with you, I promise.
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Welcome back to TTG community

Try to stay active this time LMAO
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Hey, happy 7 years oh mighty one ;)

It would be great to have you back!
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Welcome back good to see another og come back!
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Welcome Back
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