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RequestBuddy building his first gaming PC, need suggestionsPosted:

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Hey guys, been a while since I've posted in these parts.

An IRL buddy of mine who has been a console user forever is making the switch to PC, and he wants a decent build for his budget. I am trying to help him myself, but I'm Intel biased and I know AMD has been pumping out some decent products lately, so I wanted to let more unbiased (and probably more knowledgeable) members give it a go.

He wants to build it around the new 3080 coming out, and doesn't care if Intel or AMD.

    Budget: $1700 USD in North America
    The PC will be used for gaming
    He has a small 1080p monitor, is willing to try higher resolution if it fits the budget
    He does not have peripherals
    I have a Windows OS for him, so he won't need that
    Probably no overclocking, as he's a total novice
    He's a new PC gamer, but isn't a potato with computers. He prefers AMD over Intel.

Any help from the gurus around here would be much appreciated. I was going to just check out the completed builds on PC Part Picker for inspiration, but unfortunately I don't have the time nowadays to browse around.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
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