MilestoneFinally....Obtained Ultra Gifter BadgePosted:

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Sooo people I finally reached the 200 gifted gold and obtained the ultra gifter title.

Thanks to everyone that took part in my gold giveaway.

Next goal is to reach 100 posts and then who knows I might attempt to reach 1000 overall gifts of gold.

The Following 14 Users Say Thank You to AK For This Useful Post:

CalicoReidso (09-16-2020), Jay (09-16-2020), Doug (09-16-2020), m8 (09-16-2020), Petite (09-16-2020), Fold (09-16-2020), CtrlAltDelete (09-16-2020), NAP (09-16-2020), TTG (09-16-2020), Tasty (09-16-2020), Jose (09-15-2020), Mike (09-15-2020), Amphium (09-15-2020), TomCat4577 (09-15-2020)
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Congrats AK good to see u finally get it man!
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Congrats bro !
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You're a beast! Congrats bro, I can't believe how many gifts that is. Been fun getting to know you on here
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Thanks for giving back to the community, your badge looks good on you.
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Your the best AK, thank you for everything you've done for me and the community.

The whole site bouta have gold cause of AK!!!
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Congrats! Thanks for all the gifts.
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Thanks for the gold man and supporting TTG
You rock
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Congrats Man
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Welcome to the Ultra club buddy

Great to see users still achieving these high costing ranks and helping the site financially. Much love < 3
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