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Does everything happen for a reason? It's a simple question but anyone could probably dive deep into the topic.

If you think everything happens for a reason, why? Is everything predetermined? Is nothing in your control? Can the reason simply because you or I is just stupid or didn't think?

If you don't think everything happens for a reason, explain why.
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The idea of the quote "everything happens for a reason" is to I guess comfort us, why should we believe some kind of plan that was made for us which we have no choice in and have never seen? It just takes away the responsibility for our actions that led up to the bad thing that happened in our life.

We are the ones who give meaning to what happens in our life.

I believe that life gives us obstacles but it's the path we choose that decides the outcome.

That's my take on it anyway.
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Im unsure. I dont know if i believe in a predetermined plan. But i highly believe in the 2 sayings

Everything happens for a reason AND whats meant to be, will be. I know it may not make sense with what I said before, but its just how I feel.
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