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Hey everyone. So as I am quite the introvert I do not have many irl friends but I am looking to make some friends via the internet specificly here. I play games constantly as a lot of you may have known from seeing my posts here on TTG. I would really love to find some people who have some of the same interests as me or just that can clique well with. I would really like to talk to more people while im on my pc playing games whether its while im playing, or streaming which we could do together or working on videos for the channel or just trying to relax. If you would be cool with that, comment down below and maybe reach out!
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We have a fun community of members in the shoutbox Members_Shout.html

People come in to talk, ask questions, and get to know other members. It can also come off as rude/trolly when in reality we are all decent people
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