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What do you do in your spare time ?

I usually try to catch up on video games.

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Been practicing talking into my mic, looking at grahpic videos to try and get into graphics so I can make myself an intro and trying to get used to streaming.. not just playing the games while on my pc.
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Researching voice techniques and stuff to make my pitch higher, programming stuff, or just drawing out people's tattoos for them lmao
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Video games, playing guitar, listening to music, anime, other shows, hanging out with friends, running, and hiking when there's not wildfire smoke everywhere:)
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Go karting and gaming
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i enjoy reading or just relaxing and watching something
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Play with my son or if he sleeping xbox lol or catchup on anime
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Sell/trade unreleased music, read books and manga, play soccer
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watch demon girl anime

go to car meets

shoot guns

wallow in self pity
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