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Hey guys so I wanted to ask you guys

What video editing program(s) do you use/prefer?

Recently I have switched to Filmora9 as it is super simple and can do everything I personally need it to.
It can really do a lot too for others who do more then I do. And it is really cheap compared to a lot of "professional" softwares. May be a good option for beginners on a budget. Highly recommend. It has a super clean interface and super simple to use as far as hotkeys and layouts.
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I use vegas, kinda has a learning curve but once you know it, it's super simple.
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Davinci Resolve is an amazing free editing program! It is a legit alternative to Premiere Pro. I used Premiere Pro for a couple years but eventually went to Davinci Resolve since it is free.

For me personally, it hasn't crashed at all (unlike Adobe). There is a paid version, but 90% of people don't need the features in the paid version, like 4k rendering. The user interface is pretty easy to learn and is just well designed. I would look into it.
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