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I decided to leave my 10 years as staff thread (Promoted to Global Mod 12th July 2010) and merge it together with the bigger achievement of surviving 10 years as an Administrator on TheTechGame.

It's wild to think that I was promoted to Adminstrator on the 31st August 2010 and I have been here through so much of my adult life.

I'll be honest, life has unfortunately gotten in the way for me as i've grown older. More and more of my time is taken up by work or gigs/festivals/mates however I always make a point of trying to drop in at least once a day to stay ontop of everything.

Funnilly enough, i'm currently working as an Operational SME within various project teams and all of the experience I have gained from this site is helping me tremendously. I'm now tormenting the poor I.T department with constant system issues and breaking all sorts of functionality (who'd have thought it??) so I guess telli can finally relax.

I have said it countless times however it is all of you, the members, who make this site what it is. I'll forever be grateful to have a place where I can randomly drop in, have a laugh and game with people from all over the world - some of whom I have had the pleasure to meet up off-site and enjoy drinks with.

I suppose I need to give a special shout out to Sean for accidentally promoting me all those years ago - guess it worked out?

The staff team will forever deserve special recognition for the hard work and support they provide - it is hugely appreciated and severely understated how much you help run this site and you all are really some of the greatest people I know. My only ask is that we stop this tradition of burning our houses down.

So... where's the +rep?


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Congrats on 10 years man!

Also 2/10 Admin in my eyes
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Congratulations Dale! Thanks for all the laughs and continuing to be a badass admin!
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Big achievement mate don't see you around a lot as you mentioned the reasons above you seem to have a brill social life and a good job you focusing on.

Good luck for future and cheers to many more years to you being an admin.
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Congrats, old timer!!!
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That's actually pretty incredible man, glad to see you're still around!
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Congrats men thats amazing ! Hope you keep on achieving more and hope to see you more here send ya some rep
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Congrats dale!!!! Huge milestone and glad to see you still part of the site. I haven't seen you break anything recently so let's fix that, promote famous back to moderator
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Grats man, that accidental promotion did definatly work out for the best haha
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