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Just noticed a new badge to my collection, the spam badge. Congratulations to everyone else who acquired this badge. That's all now gamers.

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to TTG For This Useful Post:

Tom (09-15-2020), Doug (09-12-2020), CalicoReidso (09-10-2020), Xbox (09-09-2020), NAP (09-09-2020), Jose (09-09-2020), Federation (09-09-2020), UWishIWazHostin (09-09-2020), Tasty (09-09-2020), Anime (09-09-2020)
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Congrats on the badge! Was a strange year this year but oh well you got it.
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How you get that I never got it!!
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Can't complain too loudly about an extra badge haha, congrats man!
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Congrats on E3 2020. Glad they gave these out finally:) Looks good
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Hmm. I don't think I was around to earn this
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Congratulations my guy!
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Nice badge!
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E3 gang hehe lol i love the name "spam badge" hehe
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Haha... I like that "Spam Badge"
Atleast you earned another one!
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