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Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine's editor Suzuki revealed on Twitter on Monday that Akeji Fujimura will launch the Tokoshie Bullet Shinminato Kbsen-hen (Eternity Bullet: Shinminato Battle Chapter) manga in the magazine on October 5. The manga is part of the Tokoshie Bullet multimedia project based on creator group Morion Airline's original work. The project's official website began streaming a teaser video for the project, and Suzuki revealed images from the manga.


Manga creator Gend will also launch the Tokoshie Bullet -Kaij Gakuen- (Eternity Bullet: Monster Academy) manga in the November issue of Kodansha's Good! Afternoon magazine on October 7. The story is set in Tokyo in 2040 when male high school student Tsukimi encounters a transfer student who brings monsters.

The project is a collaboration between Kodansha, Bandai Namco Arts, and 8million.

In the project's story, unidentified giant weapons destroy the world's metropolises in 2029. The masterminds behind the destruction are known as Tokoshie. The Tokoshie call themselves weapons as they take over the streets with their overwheming powers. Then, they vanish. A decade later ...

A certain military enterprise develops a battle drone that can fight the Tokoshie. A certain wealthy person goes underground to seek the Tokoshie's secret to living forever. A certain girl embarks on the path to battle with the Tokoshie, her parents' enemy. This is the chronicle of the long fight between humanity and humanity's foe Tokoshie.
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