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last night i got my shoutbox king badge

also quick thanks to the ones that send rep daily

inspirational thanks to:

Special Thanks to:

The Following 15 Users Say Thank You to Jose For This Useful Post:

AK (09-09-2020), NAP (09-09-2020), Federation (09-08-2020), 40 (09-08-2020), Xbox (09-08-2020), Tasty (09-08-2020), 2Pac (09-08-2020), Doug (09-08-2020), JoeyNap (09-08-2020), r00t (09-08-2020), Petite (09-08-2020), Joey (09-08-2020), Tom (09-08-2020), Maze (09-08-2020), Spencer (09-08-2020)
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God damn it took you long enough
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Awesome man. Congrats. Also here's a rabbit eating grapes
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My lil apprentice you've made me proud!
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Congrats, this is huuuugggeee.

Keep up all the great work on this great site!
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Congrats Jose You Da Best <3
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Spam much m8!
I'm happy 4 u m8
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Congrats man!! Cuwute
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Congratulations on becoming a shoutbox king Jose.

Sad I didn't make the cute list.

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