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Im selling 2 normal xbox 360 elites. One is a MW2 Edition that is console banned and the other one works perfectly ( Goes online and is on the latest Dash).

I also have 2 RGH consoles. One is a Jasper RGH that was purchased From Rodent Modz years ago that works perfectly just needs updated, I believe its just one dash behind. The other RGH is a reballed Falcon that i believe needs reflashed. I turn it on and nothing happens.

I have 2 power bricks that work for both of the elite xboxs and the Jasper RGH. I do not have a power brick for the Falcon RGH. Also have a 60GB hard drive for the Jasper RGH that has xexmenu and a couple games with mods on there aswell. Then i have a 250GB hard drive that was used for the normal elite xbox.

None of these items have set prices so PM me an offer!

Proof they're mine:

Banned MW2 Edition:

Working Elite:

Working Jasper RGH:

Non Working Falcon RGH:
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