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Hey Guys,

So this is my last resort.

Ive been trawling the internet to answers for this over the past week since the game released

Me and a friend Gameshare on xbox one, we both went halves and bought the Deluxe version of the game.

When we attempt to play multiplayer together, it instantly tells us it cant connect to the strike team, and that its lost connection to the session, doesent even attempt to join, as you stay on the same screen.

Now we have trouble shooted this through some issues that plagued the beta, tried inviting each other from different points, main menu, lobby, pre mission lobby, in game, disable matchmaking load a mission then enable and invite, nothing works.

We now have another friend who has bought the normal edition of the game, invites me i join straight away, i can invite him, our other friends can join etc, but i literally can not join the friend that i gameshare with.

Now we can just buy another copy of the game on his profile and that way we both have it on each of our profiles, but before we fork out £50 for another copy, have you guys ever seen this before? we have gameshared for years across countless MP games nd literally never had this issue, ever.

Square enix support are useless and tell me to forward my ports as its a connectivity issue, even after we explain that our ports are forwarded and both have OPEN NAT.

CHeers for any help in advance.
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