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For my fellow Madden enthusiasts, does Madden 21 not seem like a $60 roster update from Madden 20?

This is only one of my many issues with the game, as I've been a madden fan since Shaun Alexander was on the cover (my first jersey was because of him).

-My biggest issue with the game is the user defense, specifically playing as LB, CB, or either safety. Why does the game have to show my coverage to me when usering those positions?! Obviously we know where we need to play on the field but as long time madden players know you move out of your zone or man quite often as plays develop and it continues to show me where the player should be even when the game is wrong for the specific offensive play.
...I guess there is no way to turn this off so I deal with it, but this issue is just the tip of the iceberg for a franchise that continues to go down hill.
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For sure it mostly feels like a madden 20 roster update for me,

Although I personally believe the gameplay feels a bit more fluent and the animations smoother I am kind of disappointed with the game, especially the franchise mode as it's the exact same as like the past 5 entries.
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