AdviceShould I sell my gtx 2080super for a 3080?Posted:

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Is it worth selling my 2080 super for the 3080?
Is it much of a performance increase?
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It's quite a performance increase but wherever or not you should make the upgrade is situational on your current PC build and would you actually benefit from the increased performance.
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What ZTG said above.
Also I have a feeling 2080s will start to come down in price due to the pricing of 3000s
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I would say, wait for the comparison videos of them first before you sell it on.
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Considering there are no actual benchmarks comparing the GPU's, no one can tell you how much of a performance difference there will be between a 2080S and 3080. All we have right now is NVidia's word, which historically can not be trusted. So maybe wait for some real reviews and benchmarks first, and then decide if you want to upgrade.

As for whether or not the upgrade is worth it, that's entirely up to you. Does your 2080S perform adequately? If yes, then no I guess there's no need to upgrade. If not, then sure, maybe consider an upgrade.

What are the rest of your specs?
What monitor(s) are you using?
What do you use your system for?
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I would wait until we have benchmarks
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the value will only keep going down, sell it now or sell it later for much cheaper
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