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I know this is petty and seen as being "feminine" but I really don't care.

I've had my cat Oreo for only 9 years, he was a dick of a cat and I didn't really get on with him. Sadly, he died. Now I'm trying to come to terms of how tf it happened.

Woke up Saturday he was on the floor on a towel twitching with his eyes wide open and meowing (never seen anything like that before) As well as his pupils dyaltin. he then, later on, sat up but was wobbly and couldn't move his back legs but ate and drank like usual. I went out for a night out and got a text from my mum saying he died in his sleep in the morning.

I'm trying to figure out how he died or if I should just let it go and know he's at peace now. Again, I'm not sure where to go for this sort of advice but I'd love some kind of closure on not blaming myself. And idgaf if it's feminine. He's my pet and deep down I loved him really.
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Theres no need to blame your self for him passing.. embrace whatever good memory you have of him, i believe that just like god has writtin down our end i think animals is the same but hey thats just my belief, if you really wanna know more on what happen to him maybe reach a nearby vet ? Or maybe reach to any at expert on social media ? Hey it doesnt hurt trying but anyways just stay calm my dude theres nothing wrong feeling sad, cheer up know his at peace no pain
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I'm really sorry for your loss, man. I don't think it is feminine feeling that way when a pet you loved dies. I hope you can find something that helps you come to terms with it. Animals are so innocent, there's a reason they all go to heaven. I'm no expert, but yeah it sounds like a good way to find out would be reaching out to someone.

Keep your head up:)
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It's not feminine to feel connections with pets. My dog is family to me, my best friend. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you can figure out what happened if it helps you. Animals can pass for so many reasons and a lot of them you'd think "really, that could do that"? It sucks. Don't beat yourself up or blame yourself for it. PMs always open if you need someone to talk to.
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