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Looking for a game on PS4 with a good storyline and lots of gameplay,
any suggestions?
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Would really recommend Witcher 3, it has a remarkable story and gameplay. Though, I would even more so advise playing from the first game, but not many people like to try games with older graphics and gameplay mechanics, so
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I really like Assassins Creed Odyssey

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fallout new vegas

you wont get mods like on PC but with all the dlcs its still long game

divinity 2 original sin
any far cry
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If you haven't checked out some of the sony exclusives I would say start there,

Last of us 1/2
Uncharted Series 1-4 all great games.

My two personal favorites would have to be the latest God of War and Spiderman game. The spiderman game you won't be playing for hundreds of hours, but it's a great story and collectibles that don't feel like a chore. God of War is an excellent title with some challenging stuff as well, and great story.
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I would have to agree with whom ever said the witcher series, pretty much all of them have incredible story lines. Also I really enjoyed Assassins Creed Origins, and Odyssey. couple others would be Shadow of Mordor and war, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and also for a quick story check out Subnautica
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