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How's it going everybody! Just realizing today marks 8 years since i signed up on this site ... man have the times changed. Back when i signed up it was strictly to get myself into some modded lobby of sorts . 8 years later and now I'm hosting my own lobbies , built myself a PC and made a bunch of friends here that i talk to on a daily basis. Thank you @sean for creating a place for us all , and thank you for keeping the web-hosting up all these years. Also just hit 1k Rep , pretty excited about that. anyways , I'm gonna stop ranting .. really not that great at stuff like this , just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude to everybody who has made this possible , cheers to another 8 years everybody

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Grats on 8 years bud and also congrats on 1k! ima send more ur way!
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Nice bro congrats ! Also congrTs on 8 long years !
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Congrats man! Always enjoy seeing you in the SB. Keep sharing the SOCOM vids!

Enjoy some more rep:)
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Congrats man
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Congrats brotha
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Congrats to your 8 years milestone and 1k rep
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Grats on 8 years with the site
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