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Hey guys one of my friends started a new Unofficial ARK PvP Server and i'm a Co-Owner. Currently there's only a cluster of Ragnarok, Extinction, Genesis, The Island and now Crystal Isles.

We do have a small shop that you can view in discord but any money donatedgoes to Nitrado in order to keep servers/maps going.

Our server population has been growing quite a bit in the last few days so better join quick to get the best spots!

Server Discord --

Here are the server stats

-Ark Kingdom Server Stats:

+Server started AUG 13 2020

+ Review Wipes annually
+ Xb1/windows. (No steam)
+ 3x Experience Gained
+ 10x Harvesting Rate
+ 30x Taming Speed
+ 40x Maturation Rate
+ 6 Man
+ No Alliance
+ No structure limit
+ No turret cap
+ 24/7 pvp
+ Stack mods
+ Character max lvl 155 no asc required
+ Wild dinos 150 / 180 tek / 190 wyv
+ Custom dinos will rotate

-Ragnarok -20 slots
-Island 10 slots
-Extinction- 20 slots
-Genesis 10 slots
-Crystal Isles 20 slots

-White Drop - Level 3.
Gives Starter Supplies

-Green Drop- Level 15.
Gives Kibble/Recipes

-Green Drop With Ring-
Gives Plants Etc.

-Blue Drop - Level 25.
Gives Saddles

-Purple Drop- Level 35.
Gives Weapons/tools

-Yellow Drop - Level 45.
Gives Arifacts/tributes

-Red Drop - Level 60.
Gives Armor

Bosses Are As They Normally Are

-Wild Alphas- Give skins and chibis

Hope to see you guys there

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Honestly may log on to try this been looking forward to getting back into ark!
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Bump, population has been increasing quite a bit, better join so you will get the best spots! bring your friends!!
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