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How often do you buy clothes?

I'd honestly say every few months. If I see something I like for example a T shirt I buy it.

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haven't in over 2 years
waste of money if you have clothes that already fit you.
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like every week i buy 3 new things its bad
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Like every other day
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Nearly everyday depending on what comes out on release day.
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practically every other day
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Once a month maybe haha. Basically as needed, but if I see something I want I will usually get it
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Whenever my old stuff becomes unwearable.

Bought new jeans this month after my old faithfuls ripped a bit beyond repair. first time in 5 years I've had to buy jeans
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As stuff becomes worn out but not very often. I only wear TTG shirts and khakis so what else do you need.
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Very rarely, I actually should probably splurge on myself (that sounds wrong) here soon

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