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First off I'd like to say this will probably be my biggest milestone ever, this is a massive achievement for me on here and I have a lot of people to thank for helping me get here.

As some of you guys already know today I was blessed with 2 very important badges (at least to me)

I achieved Rated Awesome and Trusted Seller


I'm sure a lot of people would think that Rated Awesome is a bigger accomplishment but I've fought so hard to gain the trust from staff to have Trusted Seller.

I've loved doing sales exclusively here on TTG for 8yrs now, helping people is a passion it's never been about making money here it's always been about making our users happy with always reliable sales bringing out as many products I can here to hit every key and every note for buyers, aside from the large array of people I've built friendships on the site itself I've met so many customers to whom I'm close too and really good friends with now and I couldn't be happier we all share one thing in common and that's that we met on this platform!

As for Rated Awesome this is still a HUGE milestone one I honestly thought I'd never achieve, being young I looked up to the people who were granted this badge always wanting to be recognized as a true helper to our community and today it really felt all my hard work paid off, sure this is a silly badge on a website to most but to me it shows that the 8yrs I've been here I was being watched and recognized, all my achievements and all my hardship in sales and generalized friendships came together and I was able to be given something that truthfully I feel I didn't deserve.

As for you guys YES YOU, you reading this I owe you a ton, words can't begin to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you. In the past several years I've suffered from some shitty things and I don't want to be cliche but this site may have saved my life and I've made that clear, I escaped here when I didn't feel accepted by the harsh world I've always felt welcome here and that's thanks to not just my friends but so many god damn users and once again I can't express my thanks to you guys enough.. Honestly thank you for being so god damned perfect.

-Thanks List-

Buddy whats to say about you, there's so much. You have supported me through every hoop in life, I've always been able to go to you for help and you've always helped never once have you acted to busy or to ego'd to talk about life and the hardships we both have faced and I'm more to proud than to say you've made the largest impact in my life on this site, I strive to be like you r00t there isnt a flaw in your entire body you've been nothing but pure to me and I idolize that kind of mentality!

Wow man I have a bit to say about you as well, I know me and you don't talk a ton you're a busy fella for sure but I have to put you in here regardless if you even read it. This milestone exists because of you and what a perfect time to express my thanks to you. If you read the top part of the topic you'll see that I stated this site may have saved me and honestly it may be true and without you I wouldn't have these people in my life, THANK YOU so much for creating this site I wish you knew how much it meant because it's brought me more joy than you could ever imagine. Thanks bud for real!

Ahri, c'mon you know you mean so much to me, we haven't been talking as much but you know damn well that you've always been there for me and I miss the hell out of you. For real Ahri imma keep it short but I love you bud you've been nothing short of amazing

I don't have much to say but I know you're a huge part of this milestone we were never super close to one another but you've always been super kind to me and made me feel welcome here and that means so much from someone who was in your position I wish I seen you around here more.

Tasty you cute little bastard I love you, good friend and a good guy them clips are insane even though I know nothing about RL lol. For real keep being your best you're an awesome ass person.

Isosceles Triangle

Were not the closest for sure but were definitely close and you've always been an absolute sweet heart supporting me through the toughest parts of my life and I'm so F**KING happy you're my friend.

Great Uno partner and an even better friend, we've gotten pretty close and I'm super thankful to call you my friend. Stay 100 space cowboy, love you bud.

Always been a super genuine guy to me and that goes a long way, you're definitely a favorite of mine the joy and laughter you've brought me aren't too be forgotten for real my lil ginger you are awesome thanks for all you've done.

Been awhile since we chatted but you definitely have a place in my heart as one of my most favorite members on the site, thank you for being who you are and that's nothing short of awesome!

Probably the best member on the site and I say that with full seriousness friend, I hope to see you do great on here and I hope one day you are staff you deserve it, thank you Maze you're more than you may imagine but to me you are honestly a great, sweet and an amazing person please never stop being who you are.

Hey Mortar, you've helped guide me to so many achievements on here and you've been a pretty awesome friend I know we don't talk much just know I have great appreciation for who you are and I respect you a feck ton. Keep working wonders big guy glad you're one of our admins.

Gary you've also always been here for me aside from being a friend you're someone to look up to, you're super intelligent and I admire your personality. Miss seeing you as staff but I'm glad you're my friend and the best 4tb external plug on the site.

C4 let's be honest, you're a feckin weirdo, but that's okay cause I love you bud, you've always been sweet to me and it means a ton, definitely a favorite of mine.

Sup dad? Hows the youngin doing?

What an absolute sweetheart you are, you're one of my favorite people on the site, you're super smart and just insane at graphics, it literally pains me to get graphics from others but I like to offer sales to everyone when I need it just know you're always my first pick.

God why are you cute as shit.

We're far from best of friends but you've always been kind to me and never caused any issue with me, I definitely think you're staff worthy and you're all around such a useful crucial member to the community, you're just really awesome Tom keep being you bud because who you are is an incredible person!

We're not super close but honestly I appreciate your personality sometimes you're brutally honest but my god have you actually helped me and honest is a great trait in a person, I'm happy to know you and I'm happy you're one of our admins.

Don't see you on a ton anymore but I love you bud and I wish nothing but well for you!

And that's going to complete this thanks list normally I would add so much but for the people that have made a huge impact on me you're there, if you're not in this list don't think I think any less of you, everyone here that I know deserves to be up there but my god my hand hurts so bad.

For everyone doing good, I wish you well -

For real if you've read this far you matter to me, this whole site does, keep being who you are because my god I really love everyone (almost) on this site.


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You're so sweet, Petite
I'm super excited and happy for you on both of your huge milestones. Thank you for the kind words and thanks for being the best person the site has to offer <3
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Congrats men that rated awesome badge sexy
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Congrats buddy, well deserved.
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PETITE! You made me smile

I seriously cannot think of someone who deserves these two badges more right now. You are genuine person and a good human being, something that seems harder to find these days, especially in an online community. Your words mean a lot and I hope I keep getting to know you better.

Also, this thread is beautiful. Congrats again, I love you:)
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Congratulations! Thanks for being a great member of this community! Ur Awesome!
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Congratulations my little petite you will always mean alot to me you deserve everything you want lub u
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Wow gg bud
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Congrats on your Rated Awesome and Trusted Seller badges
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