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Posting this for my own personal records, and to share with some of you guys.

My first baby is on the way. 10 weeks along.

Buy me a drink.

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Congrats!! It will be an amazing adventure. Enjoy!!
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congratulations my man! I've just had the same news also recently.
what an experience. The first scan is the most magical thing in the world.
Hope you are all well
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Congrats bud! give that kid a better life
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congratulations +1 beer
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Congratulations becoming a dad was the best thing that happened to me I truly found my best friend when I looked into his eyes for the first time. I'll pray for you and ur family. You got this, keep ur head up brother <3
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Congratulations from 1 father to a 1 to be.
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Rob wrotePosting this for my own personal records, and to share with some of you guys.

My first baby is on the way. 10 weeks along.
As some know, this has been a rough year for me and I believe this has happened for a reason. Beyond blessed and ready to build a new life.
Thanks to everyone who has been there for me through these times.

Buy me a drink.

That's so awesome! I'm a dad of 2, got to say it's the best experience I've ever had. I wouldn't trade being a dad for anything. Hope the pregnancy goes smoothly! Cheers man !
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