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I got 16k rep a little while ago
I'm so proud of myself
Let's ban C4

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Xbox (08-30-2020), Goodfellas (08-23-2020), CtrlAltDelete (08-23-2020), Federation (08-23-2020), Tom (08-21-2020), Tasty (08-21-2020), 2Pac (08-20-2020), Doug (08-20-2020), Cent (08-20-2020), Adam (08-20-2020)
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Let's ban C4


You have successfully banned C4 from posting.
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Congrats to the most useless user.
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Congrats man
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Congrats homie~ 16k blocks
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lets reset you back to 0 then mr useless
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Congrats Maze! I hear you are next in line for staff. I can't wait for that day:) Stay safe in Cali bro
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Maze wroteI got 16k rep a little while ago
I'm so proud of myself
Let's ban C4

Congrats on your 16k useless rep points

I'm proud of you

Yes, #BanC4
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Grats on 16k Rep!
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