FortniteHow to get Fornite on Iphone ( After Store Removal)Posted:

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Hey all! Recently Apple and Epic Games have been going at it. Due to this Apple has removed Fornite from their store front. Here is a way to get it installed on your phone even after it has been removed.

First things first, I am not sure if this will work on Android devices.

Second.. You must have already downloaded it from the app store prior to it being removed...

All you do is go into the app store ( For apple) and go to recent purchases. If its not installed, you will then click the "Not on this Iphone" Tab....Scroll until you find the "Fortnite" App and continue to reinstall it to the device.

Simple but yet effective for many who once had it on their device and wanted to get it after its been removed. Hopefully this will help anyone that is interested.
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