MWPeople selling cod points on MW?Posted:

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Im in a discord and someone says they can sell like 13k cod points when every they want, for like $30,

Is this a new thing?

like whats the method for this?
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Sounds like a scam....
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More than likely some sort of vpn abuse to obtain currency at a cheaper rate by spoofing to other countries.
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If he's not scamming that would be good I'd buy it.
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not sure of the method but it can't be too hard because a bunch of people are doing it.

and it's not a scam, im sure their VPN'ing somewhere where cod points are cheap OR they are transferring cod points from an earlier COD to the new activision account as ive heard cod points transfer over but I'm not entirely sure on that last statement.

just make sure you are with a reputable seller, if not hit me up and I have a couple of people that have plenty of vouches
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Yes sir I know a guy selling them real cheap
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If I'm not wrong like Petite said above you just use a VPN to spoof country. I also see Gator Cheats tell people a method like that on his telegram so I'm pretty sure that's how it is done.
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That's probably my discord server. Eagle?

Will do 3 vouch copies soon so stay tuned
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I'm looking to find someone doing this
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VPN to Argentina or Ukraine. Super simple enjoy.
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