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Milestone75,000 moments I could have spent being productivePosted:

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I hit 75k sometime in the last week so here's to another shoutbox stone to add to my virginity gauntlet

I never know what to put in these posts so instead of making fun of Nagisa r00t or Maze like I normally do, help me pick a tattoo to get done on my forearm tomorrow:

Option 1:

Option 2:


TastyCereal is the only non-scumbag on this anime chatroom

Yo Nagisa can I get Audrey's #

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Yo Nagisa can I get Audrey's # also
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Congrats, now you and Spencer are both two of the site's biggest idiots

nude vc later?
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Congrats on 75,000 Spamses.
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Congratulations man!
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Congrats men
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Congrats on your Shoutbox Elite badge
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Congratulations on 75,000 maybe you should step outside...
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woah you're cool
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