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So I know this may not be in the right spot for the topic so I apologize if so. I am looking for a few things. I currently have a audio clip for my first ever video for YouTube. I am looking for an editor to help me put a gameplay over it as I cannot figure out how to use Adobe Premier Pro to save my life right now and I want my video uploaded by Sunday night. I am highly frustrated. I am also looking for someone to help me or just on their own make me an intro. Possibly even design me a new logo. Not sure how I feel about the one I have now. I have money so if you require a charge as long as its reasonable then dont worry about it. Remember its not like im making money from this but I do understand the value of time. If you can help with any of the following things please direct message me for my discord or we can communicate through here as well.
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Hi there! I am a graphic designer/ editor and would love to help you for a reasonable price. Let me know what your budget is. I want to make it work in your favour.
Have a look at my current youtube channel if you are interested:
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